Handmade fabric and twig deer

Our deer decoration measures 5 inches long, it’s a perfect size for a tree decoration (just add a loop of twine to its back to hang). It also makes a fun decoration to add to place settings at the Christmas dinner table. Or of course you can make the deer what ever size you like; you’ll just need to print a larger template and you’ll need more fabric, etc.

You will need:

1 x deer, ear, tail template 

8 x 6 inch piece light cotton fabric (light brown in color, we dyed a piece of white cotton fabric in black coffee)

3 x 4 inch piece white felt 

sewing needles for thread and embroidery threads

black and white colored embroidery floss

cotton thread 

hobby fill or batting for filling

small twigs

hot glue gun 

Print the template,

For a tree decoration size; (like ours) scale/size your printer so the deer body is 5 inches in length. 

Fold the cotton fabric in half. Pin the deer body template to the double thickness of fabric. Use sharp scissors to cut around template.  Remove the template.  

Pin the deer tail /ear template to a single layer of the white colored felt. Use sharp scissors to cut around template.  Remove the template and repeat x 2. You should now have 2 x body pieces, 1x tail piece and 2 x earpieces cut out.  

Use black embroidery floss to sew small black stitches together to form an eye on the right fabric side on the head of each deer body piece. Use the white embroidery floss to sew 8 x small random stitches on each side of the deer body. Pin the two deer body pieces together with the right side of fabric facing in. Use cotton thread to running stitch around edges, leaving the tummy open/un sewn. Turn right side of fabric out and fill with hobby fill or batting. Stitch opening closed using cotton thread. 

Use the tip of a skewer to pierce 4 x small holes in the corners of the base of the deer body for legs, 2 holes on each side of the head for ear and antlers and a hole in the rear end of the deer tail.

Working one at a time; gather the wider end of each felt ear and tailpiece. Then using white embroidery thread stitch around the gathered end to secure it. The end should be now narrower and easier to insert into the deer.

Trim the 4 twigs the same length for the deer legs. Trim 2 twigs the same size for the antlers. Squeeze a little hot glue into the holes you have made then insert the legs, ears, antlers and tail. 

If you’d like to hang the deer on your Christmas tree, pierce another hole in the center of the deer’s back, add a little hot glue then insert a loop of twine.

Photo by China Squirrel