Jarcuterie – Individual Charcuterie Jars for Socially Distanced Gatherings

Such a sweet and clever idea, everyone gets their own jar! Perfect for today’s day and age when you want to avoid friends and family congregating and grazing too long at the same time. Each guest can simply grab a jar and distance themselves to enjoy it!

This recipe is presented by my friends at the American Pistachio Growers. CLICK HERE for some more amazing pistachio recipes!

For my jars, I’ve filled the bottom with delicious American-grown pistachios. Next, I’ve added a few crackers, a sprig of rosemary, a few slices of salami folded up and skewered, and topped with an olive for a little flare. Everyone loves a wedge of brie, some parmesan, blueberries, and top it off– of course —  with a few more pistachios!

You can make these a few hours in advance, leave them in the fridge and take them out 20 minutes before serving so the cheese and meats can come to temperature.

The variations are endless, be creative and choose the bites that you enjoy most!


Get creative with your containers. Mix and match old teacups from the flea market or use takeout hotdog trays from the wholesale club!

Photography by Paul Lowe