Food Styling 101

So many of my readers have asked me for simple food styling tips, so from now on I will once in a while give you all some tricks and tips of the trade.

Cheese is one of my favorite things to work with, it’s so beautiful. The idea behind this image is to give each guest at a party their own little cheese board with their favorite cheeses. Never shoot the cheese right out of the fridge. You want it to be soft and a little runny, thats when it’s best to eat. Notice the apple in the back still have a leaf on it, it makes the apple look more appetizing and more real. I places small white flowers on the board and a sprig of rosemary. It’s simple, yet brings out the white in the cheese. I also love honey with my cheese. Here I used honey combs that i cut up and placed on the board. Looks so much more sexy then a bowl of honey. Lastly a few goos berries in the front to tie it all down. All the colors are in the same range, except the red in the apple which makes the whole image pop.

Never shoot the cheese right out of the fridge.

Photography by
Ellen Silverman