Swedish Straw Christmas Goat

This is an old Swedish tradition, we always had lots of these around when i was a kid.

The are ornament size but you can make them really large. Just takes a lot of straw.

You need:

1 bunch of soaked 35 x 25” straws, no heads

1 bunch of soaked 25 x 25” straws, no heads



hot glue gun

1.Take your thickest bundle and tie them together about 6” from the end.

2.Divide that end into two and tie each bundle at the ends, these are now your body and back legs of the goat.

3.Tie another string around the middle of the body, about 8” from where the legs start.

4.Divide the rest of the straws into two parts like the image.That will form the head and front legs.

5.Place the other bundle against the goat and secure with string.

6.Divide the straws into two front legs, secure with string on the ends.

7.Tie the top bundle together to form the neck, make it as long as you want and them gently bend the straws over to create a head.

Tie together at the end of the face.

8.Use your scissors and trim any excess straws off  the legs and head.

9.Use leftover straw to bride a short tail and two horns.

Hot glue them in place once the goat is dry.

Photo by Sweet Paul

Wheat weaving tips!

*Start by cleaning the straws.Pull of any leafs.

*They need to be soaked in tepid warm water for between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

The way to test it to see if it’s ready is to bend a straw, if it snaps keep soaking. If it bends its good to go.

*If a straw is too short you can simply push another straw into it.

*Use double sewing thread, thats thread used for thicker fabrics. It will not cut as much into the straws as normal sewing thread will.