Pistachio Filled Paper Stars

Pistachio Filled Paper Stars

Such a cute gift.

You can hang them in a window, wall or even on a Hanukkah bush.

Vellum paper can be found online or at craft supplies stores.

If you don’t have a sewing machine , you can hand-stitch the stars together or even glue them.

You need:

Star template


Vellum paper

Sewing machine


1.Find a star template online and print it out, my star was 7”x7”.

2.Trace the star onto vellum paper and cut out, you need two stars per gift.

3.Sew the stars together all along the edges, leave a little hole for the pistachios.

4.Fill with pistachios and sew together adding a ribbon loop so the star can hang.

It’s now ready.

And yes, you will have to tear up the star to get to the delicious pistachios.

Photo by Sweet Paul