Braided Wreath

A great wreath for your door, table or as wall decor.

You need:

15-20 long soaked straws with heads

embroidery floss


1.The technique here is all about braiding the straws together to make a long braid with all the heads.

2.Start by tying 3 straws together under the heads and start braiding.

3.At every 2” add a new straw with the head and trade it together with the others.

4,Braid until you have a 20” long braid.

5.Tie the two end together so you have a circle. Use your hands to force the it to a good circle and place something heavy on top while it dries. This will make it hold it’s shape.

Once it’s dry it’s all ready to use.

Wheat weaving tips!

*Start by cleaning the straws.Pull of any leafs.

*They need to be soaked in tepid warm water for between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

The way to test it to see if it’s ready is to bend a straw, if it snaps keep soaking. If it bends its good to go.

*If a straw is too short you van simply push another straw into it.

*Use double sewing thread, thats thread used for thicker fabrics. It will not cut as much into the straws as normal sewing thread will.

Photo by Sweet Paul